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Memoization for Everything


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siphash-d is the D implementation of SipHash.

The latest CRuby uses SipHash to prevent Hash-flooding DoS attack. From now on, SipHash like algorithm will be important for robust application. So I implemented SipHash for D.

Current version provides only siphash24 function:

import siphash;

ubyte[16] k = cast(ubyte[])"To be|not to be!";
ubyte[] msg = cast(ubyte[])"that is the question.";
auto hashed = siphash24(k, msg);

I plan to add std.digest like struct and other APIs if needed.

siphash-d has already listed in the official site. Thanks to JP Aumasson!

Inside Impala Coordinator at HSCR 13th

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Yesterday, I talked about Impala Coordinator, which is scheduler layer of query execution.

My presentation document is here!

And @oza_x86 also talked about Impala Internal, but he focused on Query Execution Engine. The rest important component is only Query Planner. I hope someone presents Query Planner Internal at next event :)

@GedowFather presented Impala testing and operations on production(ja). This presentation shared the knowledge and application consideration. I think this presentation is testbed for Impala introduction.

Thanks to Hadoop User Group Japan for the good event!